Friday, September 21, 2012

Gum Prop

Sit down. I’m going to say something.

Sometimes I don’t feel like drinking.

Or like tonight. Sometimes I can’t drink.
My stomach is off from meds and my jaw is swollen after periodontal surgery.
So here’s this week’s cocktail – equal measures of pomegranate juice and soda water with two cubes of frozen orange juice and not a drop of alcohol. Though I could add some vodka and pomegranate liqueur for himself.
The straw is for me.

Friday, September 14, 2012


It’s been a good week - the sun is shining, the temperatures are perfect for enjoying the balcony and the kid is occupied with his many new sets of Ninjago Lego and Pokémon cards (thank you all!); with this in mind we present another fruity rum drink for you. We muddled some sugar with a slice each of orange, lemon and lime, shook it with cachaça and ice and poured it into tall glasses and topped with guava and pineapple juices. Nice.

The kid enjoyed a mocktail of guava and pineapple juices and a few paper umbrellas and plastic monkeys.

*Helps to know a little about Ninjago and spinjitsu for the name. Also helps to drink this while playing Ninjago.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dark n' Threatening

2-3 oz Goslings dark rum
Juice of half a lime
Lots of ice
Fill rest of tall glass with ginger root beer

The end of summer suddenly has me drinking rum - must be the build up of atmospheric pressure in the Atlantic that made me crave a dark and stormy this week. The weather is hot and humid and it was threatening to rain all week but we've gotten away lightly but this is still as refreshing. For our ginger beer we accidentally picked up a ginger root beer and though (being non-American perhaps?) I'm not a root beer fan, the lime juice and dark rum cut the medicinal taste and let's just say there wasn't any left in the glass. Wonder what it would be like with a dollop of ice cream?