Friday, January 31, 2014

Meyer Lemonita

It's been a quiet January blog wise but lest you think it's been a dry January let me assure you that just by looking at our whiskey and Campari bottles it's not at all true. We've obviously been comfort drinking through this 'polar vortex' of a winter but we did have a break and created a Meyer lemonita.
I never really noticed Meyer lemons until last year and when I went to make something with them they were gone from the stores - they've a short season so I jumped at the chance this year to try some infusions and juicing them. Not disappointed either.
I infused tequila with the peel of two lemons (trying to get as little of the bitter white pith as possible) and kept it in the fridge of a few days. Every time I went to the fridge I'd give it a little shake and drool at the thought of it. This is what we did with it when it was ready ...
2 oz Meyer lemon infused 100% agave tequila
1 oz gin
2 oz Meyer lemon juice
Agave nectar to sweeten (to one's own taste)
Shake above with ice in cocktail shaker and pour into a salt rimmed glass (or sugar if that's your thing) and add some lemon zest for garnish.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Random facts about me - some even relevant to this blog.

In 2001, I followed my heart from Ireland with nothing but the bare essentials. My cocktail shaker was in that bag.

In my 20s and 30s I collected miniature bottles of liquor and liqueurs from all over the world with the grand plan of having a huge display in my future home but by Christmas 2000 I knew I had packed and moved them for the last time and had a hell of a cocktail party with my family. (As a teenager I collected beermats!)

I lived in Italy as a young adult and the array of amari and grappe was lost on me. How I wish I could go back and taste them all again.  

Cocktails should make the most of the liquor not mask it - hence our boozy concoctions.

Huge fan of creativity - the crafting of the liquor, the bottle, the label, the drink, the poster, the ad, the glass, the menu, the coffee table book, the bottles on a shelf ...

My favorite spirit is gin. He likes whiskey of the rye variety.

Think twice before a second Negroni, you've gone way too far with a third!

I have a weakness for buying stemware, himself has a weakness for bar ware. We compliment each other perfectly.

Our liquor cabinet is bursting at the seams. We'll have to find a bigger place to live.

And yes, sometimes things get blurred.

 The Corn Store, Limerick 2013

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