Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Random facts about me - some even relevant to this blog.

In 2001, I followed my heart from Ireland with nothing but the bare essentials. My cocktail shaker was in that bag.

In my 20s and 30s I collected miniature bottles of liquor and liqueurs from all over the world with the grand plan of having a huge display in my future home but by Christmas 2000 I knew I had packed and moved them for the last time and had a hell of a cocktail party with my family. (As a teenager I collected beermats!)

I lived in Italy as a young adult and the array of amari and grappe was lost on me. How I wish I could go back and taste them all again.  

Cocktails should make the most of the liquor not mask it - hence our boozy concoctions.

Huge fan of creativity - the crafting of the liquor, the bottle, the label, the drink, the poster, the ad, the glass, the menu, the coffee table book, the bottles on a shelf ...

My favorite spirit is gin. He likes whiskey of the rye variety.

Think twice before a second Negroni, you've gone way too far with a third!

I have a weakness for buying stemware, himself has a weakness for bar ware. We compliment each other perfectly.

Our liquor cabinet is bursting at the seams. We'll have to find a bigger place to live.

And yes, sometimes things get blurred.

 The Corn Store, Limerick 2013

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