Friday, December 21, 2012

Egg Nog with a Spoon

Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but we’re not fans of the creamy cocktail round here,  our bottle of Bailey’s we discovered to be long past its expiration date, so I thought long and hard about doing an egg nog concoction (Yes, I even thought about making it from scratch!) but why go to so much effort if it's something I don't really enjoy. So here's my version of egg nog or the way I think it should be served. Eamon loves the stuff by the way and delights when it’s back on the shelves in the supermarket but to me it tastes like a glass of custard and this is why I ended up making my drink a dessert instead of a true cocktail. Best enjoyed with a spoon watching your favorite Christmas movie or put it in a blender and drink it like a milkshake.

Scoop of eggnog ice cream
1oz Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur poured over it
Freshly grated nutmeg to garnish.
Other ways to top this: crushed ginger snap cookie, crushed chocolate covered Kimberly biscuit, Cadbury’s flake

P.S. I went for the mini version of the cream liqueur instead of a full bottle, large tub of the ice cream though!

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