Friday, February 1, 2013

Raven Cheer

It's a sporting weekend - the Six Nations tournament kicks off tomorrow and there's the Super Bowl on Sunday which was what we were prepping for with this drink as we'll be supporting the Baltimore Ravens. Come Sunday evening we will not only be wearing the black and purple of the team, but we'll be drinking it too.

For these drinks you will need to play with the ingredients below - I was getting various results as you can see from the pictures but am happy to report that nothing was wasted in the making of this drink. It is based on a Cosmo with the colors blue and red making purple. You can make it long (and I suggest this as football can go on a bit!) or short & strong (if you want an early exit from the game and pass out on the couch, which yes, I have done with football on the TV).

Blue Curacao (add this little by little like a food dye!)
Lime juice
Cranberry cocktail juice


This one ended up black!

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