Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Porch Swing*

We're still on vacation though we've moved up the coast to Chincoteague Island. We spend our mornings watching the Tour de France, the days on our bikes or at the beach and evenings on the front porch. We didn't bring a huge bar selection so hard to come up with something different - but this was new for himself though popular for me way back in the 80s with Pernod.

2 parts Ricard Pastis
1 part Blackcurrant Ribena (fruit cordial - the non-alcoholic kind)

Stir in a chilled glass and add ice.

Like the glasses? We're always on the lookout for champagne coupes and found these in a little antique store in town. Just the right amount of fancy.

* Name inspired by the little guy's antics on the porch. Watch it here.

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