Friday, June 27, 2014

Light n' Stormy

It's no secret our love of a good Dark n' Stormy - we've mentioned a couple here but a pitcher version grabbed my attention recently in Better Homes & Garden (can't find the link online to the exact recipe but the ingredients were sweet vermouth, lime juice and ginger beer) but I riffed it a little more. This was for four people and we had the pitcher gone before I even thought of taking a picture. Alas, no picture of the pitcher.

2 cups Sweet Vermouth
1 cup of Goslings Dark Rum
1 cup fresh lime juice (or to your taste - we don't like it too sweet)

1/2 cup Ginger Liqueur (we love Domaine de Canton)
2 12 oz bottles Reeds Ginger Beer
Lime slices
Oodles of ice

Add all the ingredients in a pitcher except the ice and stir. Pour over ice filled glasses.

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